Our Lady of Guadalupe Painting goes to Mexico, with United States Ambassador Landau

The PRAYERSONTHESIDE Comission painting, of Our Lady of Guadalupe, was presented to the United States Ambassador, Christopher Landau. This was given to commemorate his swearing in ceremony, held in Washington DC. He takes it with him to Mexico City, and shared it on his Twitter page. We are so delighted and honored.


Luke 10:29-37 "and who is my neighbor"

Our beautiful model, is a friend and is originally from Burundi. She was forced to flee to Tanzania, when war created life threatening conditions.  Her wonderful family lived in a refugee camp for 10 years, before they moved to Mobile, with the Refugee resettlement program. I first met them while helping teach an English class with Catholic Social Services.  These families are extremely screened through the United Nations, and have to meet certain criteria and qualifications.  

When they were sent here (you do not get to choose where you go) she and her siblings, could not speak English. Since their wonderful family (parents, 11 children) have arrived, they are all employed, (some working more than one job) own their own business, going to college, getting their MBA, and have already, and are in the process of, becoming an American Citizen. She is the next one waiting very soon to become an American! So proud of her....( And this photo was taken with no makeup!) She is as beautiful on the inside as the outside!